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Gale is such a joy to work with, and I always look forward to giving her one of our manuscripts. When I give Gale one of our books I know it's in good hands and together we have had a couple of chart-hitters at HarperCollins!
  What I most appreciate about Gale's approach to editing is her ability to ask the questions on a manuscript that most editors and proofreaders will not ask. She has an incredible eye for detail when it comes to the context and presentation of a written piece of work, but most importantly she has the audience in mind and can cross over well from a fiction work and then tackle a non-fiction one just as easily.
  I really value Gale's insight when it comes to the nuances of language and style, and her incredible and joyful sense of humour.
Rose Sandy, Publishing Director, HQ Non-Fiction (a division of HarperCollins); previously Affiliate Publisher, Harper Inspire, HarperCollins UK

I am grateful to Gale in ways I could never adequately express, not simply for her care and thoroughness with my manuscript, but also for her wisdom, keen eye, attention to detail, and obvious brilliance as an editor. She is that rare brand of person who is gifted at constructive criticism and compliment, formatting and content, the minutiae and the big picture. Her professionalism and insight are matched by her humor and warmth, all of which is to say that if you’re thinking of hiring Gale, you should have done it yesterday. Thank you, Gale Winskill, for making me believe in myself, for your loveliness as a human, and for your recommendations that will make Esre’s Bones the book I want so much for it to be.
Sarah Dickinson Little, author, Chicago, USA

Reading through your comments I realized what a skill critiquing is. You pointed out a few things others have suggested in the past, but the way you expressed it was so different, I was inclined to listen and not get defensive.
Ulka Karandikar, author, recipient of British Council Global Mentorship 2021; Silver Prize winner, Creative Future Award 2021; shortlisted for Owned Voices Novel Award 2021

Gale's focus and accuracy are outstanding. Her contribution to our publication provided the professional polish we sought and more. Her patient and painstaking proofread helped us to publish a complex, fully illustrated, high-quality book with complete confidence. The result speaks for itself.
Alan Boyle, Leannta Associates

For prospective fiction writers, Gale combines an unerring eye for grammatical detail with the ability to offer perceptive critiques covering plot, structure, characters, pacing and all the other vital elements. She is also quick to respond, clear in the way she communicates and very tolerant of follow-up questions.
Stephen Gardner, author

She is very personable, putting you at your ease: an important point in building a working relationship between author and editor. She is a highly skilled communicator, getting her points over objectively and succinctly.
Jenny Hogan, Writers' Neuk
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Gale is a very professional and helpful editor with a superb understanding of the English language. She provided me with very insightful and logical suggestions about my characters and story. I highly recommend Gale to anyone who is looking to improve their story.
Nick Bradley, author

Gale's critique confirmed some of what I suspected, but the value is in knowing that I have a story and characters I can work with and that, with effort, I can turn it my text into something worth publishing. I intend to continue to work with Gale until publication
Mike Phillips, author

I've read your critique. It is what I wanted and needed ... I much appreciate the time and serious attention and thought you've given to my draft, the well-structured way you've done it and your tone – that your advice (wise words borne from your intelligence and experience) isn't the last word, but for me to consider.
  Whether or not, in the end, my book is a commercial proposition, your involvement will have made it better. Most helpfully, where you have pointed up problems, you have offered solutions. And the contextualization of your thoughts, within your meta-analyses of fiction and including reviewing criteria, is appreciated.
  I feel I have received great value for money from you...
Jeff Probst, author

Gale worked on two of my books, The Storytelling Entrepreneur and Merchandise for Authors, while I was Writer in Residence for the British Library. I had very tight deadlines which Gale was great about meeting and I really valued her feedback and professional eye on my work. Her insight allowed me to think more clearly about how the books were structured and improved my writing overall. I always recommend Gale when I run creative writing workshops for other writers.
Melissa Addey, author

Gale has a keen attention to detail which means her copy-editing of our children's picture books is of great quality.
Luke Hou, Starfish Bay Books, Adelaide, Australia (

I was very fortunate to find Gale having used numerous copy-editors in the past. I didn't expect her to adapt so well to the challenging timescale, my awkward writing style and the unusual content of the text. She understood precisely what was required from the onset, her communication not just excellent but empowering throughout. She made a joy of what is what is, normally, a very stressful experience for me. I think it's down to her vast experience, but where other copy-editors struggle, Gale, excels.
Anton FitzSimons, author

Gale is the ally you need when writing a book. Her style is friendly, her customer service is excellent and her work is highly professional. I trust and value her opinion because she spends the time to get right into your manuscript and then gives well-formed, clear, useful, direct, realistic feedback, which she delivers in a kind, honest but positive way – just what is needed. Her aim is to make your work the best it can be. It is a pleasure working with her and I would l recommend her strongly.
J.B. Holman, author

Gale and I took part in a seminar organized by the Scottish Branch of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI). I was immediately impressed with her warm and positive disposition, which she combines with complete pragmatism about the publishing industry and obviously long experience as an editor and project manager. She offered delegates a tempting blend of experience and pragmatism, and I find myself quoting what she said about the editorial process still.
Alison Baverstock, Course Leader, MA Publishing , Kingston University, and author

Gale has edited all of our books to date. We are currently writing our ninth, and without our trusted editor, we would truly panic. She really goes the extra mile and isn't afraid to tell us when our structure doesn't work or the story isn't up to scratch. She knocked us into shape with the first book in our series in 2011, and has been an integral part of every book since.
Lyn McNicol & Laura Cameron Jackson, Badger the Mystical Mutt, (The Lunicorn Press)

The help and advice provided by Gale Winskill, of Winskill Editorial, were invaluable. In many places the changes she suggested were small but they improved my book dramatically and in ways I could never have done on my own. I would heartily recommend Gale to anyone looking for a good editor to help them with their novels.
Colin M. Drysdale, author; winner of Best Indie Book Awards 2015 (horror category); winner of the First Novel (>80,000 words category), Next Generation Indie Book Awards, 2014

A very safe pair of hands that we know we can trust with our most important projects.
Emma Langley, Phoenix Yard Books

Gale has a wonderful ability to polish a writer's prose without changing its creative shape. She's a brilliant editor in the true meaning of the word brilliant.
Sonja Lewis, author and contributor to The Huffington Post

Gale Winskill, of Winskill Editorial, deserves a mention for her forthright feedback and fast turnaround. She's as professional as she is helpful.
Mac Logan, author of The Angels' Share, available from Apple iBookstore and Smashwords

Gale is conscientious and has the ability to turn a muddled manuscript into a clear and consistent presentation of the author's ideas.
Christian Maclean, Floris Books

Gale is an excellent editor who has proven that she can spot a potential best-seller. She has a good eye for detail and offers sound advice to her authors.
Lucy Juckes, literary agent, Jenny Brown Associates

Her critique and comments on my manuscript have been impressive; she has made it easy for me to make little changes that lead to a more professional result. I wish I had known her before I wrote my last two books!
Zandra Macpherson, author of A Strange and Wild Place and People of the Wild Cat Country (Birlinn)

Gale is a tireless, creative, skilled and dependable editor.
John Richardson, Black & White Publishing

Gale's brilliant advice and assistance was invaluable in getting my novel into print. A truly remarkable service, I cannot recommend Gale enough.
Cyrus Chainey, author of The Tale of the Wolf, available from

I first came into contact with Gale when she edited two books I had written, which were published by Black & White Publishing. I was so impressed by her helpfulness and professionalism that when I self-published another book, I didn't hesitate to make contact, and received the same very high standard of service.
Philip Paris, author

I thought the service you provided was very professional, It was completed exactly on time and the insightful comments were excellent.
Dr Rick Norris, C.Psychol, author

Gale did a helpful and comprehensive critique on one of our recent projects which needed the input of an experienced fiction editor.
Penny Grearson, Waverley Books

Gale's work is thorough, professional and confidence-inspiring. Prompt, constructive communication at every stage. Excellent service.
Rachel Vevers, children's author

I was referred to Gale to help me edit a 20k word thesis as part of my MSc. She reviewed the work in great depth, working over the Christmas period, and delivered her corrections earlier than I had expected. She enormously improved the quality of the draft I had provided her with and I would not hesitate in using her services again.
Dominic Morley

Gale was recommended to me by a fellow writer, and hiring her to edit my mystery novel was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Gale works to the highest professional standards; she always meets deadlines; provides quick turnaround times; is clear, direct and constructive in her feedback, and spots the tiniest inconsistencies in the flow of a plot. I also appreciate Gale's great sense of humour, and I hope she'll remain my editor for many works to come.
Regina Moucka, Ph.D., PMP

Gale edited my very first published novel. I found her incredibly clear and helpfully transparent about the details of the editing process, and very fast in response to my many questions.
Lari Don, winner of the Scottish Children's Book Awards (formerly the Royal Mail Awards) 2009

I've found your editorial advice invaluable, as well as inspiring.
Alex Nye, winner of the Scottish Children's Book Awards (formerly the Royal Mail Awards) 2007

A good editor is meticulous, honest and creative as well as being constructive without being overbearing. All in all, quite a challenge, so thank you, Gale, for successfully juggling all of those things!
Annemarie Allan, winner of the Kelpies Prize 2007

Gale edited a full-length novel of over 110,000 words for me. Her work is very thorough and insightful. She provides very comprehensive feedback and suggestions for improvement without being discouraging and I would be happy to recommend her as an editor to anyone that needs those services.
Heather Katsonga-Phiri, author