Winskill Editorial
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  • More than 25 years' experience working with traditional publishers, self-publishing authors and private individuals (see About me).
  • Advanced Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).
  • Partner Member of the Association of Independent Authors (ALLi).
  • Judge, Page Turner Awards 2022, 2022 Awards | Page Turner Awards.
  • Professional qualifications and regular CPD (see About me).
  • Training provider in fiction writing and editing, and general proofreading (see Training, Publications & Blogs).
  • Have worked on texts by diverse authors such as JK Rowling, Dr Phil Hammond, Elif Shafak, Guvna B, Bear Grylls, Justin Welby, John Kerry, Sally Phillips, Sadiq Kahn and John Humphreys.
  • Director of Publishing Scotland (2012–2014).
Fiction (adult, children's and young adult)

  • Genres: mystery, thrillers, fantasy, adventure, literary, horror, historical, romance, crime, science fiction, etc. Please ask for further details.
  • Clients: publishing houses, out-of-house publishing, self-publishers, literary agencies and independent authors.
  • Awards: see Children's fiction and Client Comments for details.

  • Narrative non-fiction (i.e. memoir).
  • Single-author and multi-author works.
  • Illustrated and highly referenced texts.
  • Texts written by authors for whom English is not their first language.
  • Clients: publishing houses, out-of-house publishing, self-publishers and independent authors.
  • Genres: Biography, philosophy, true crime, architecture, self-help, mentoring, business, education, psychoanalysis, biodynamics, Anthroposophy, classics, humour, history, art, design, memoir, cookery, travel, education, and many others, as well as works in translation. Please ask for further details.
Other media

  • Illustrated children's fiction.
  • Illustrated children's picture books.
  • Blog texts.
  • Clients: Publishing houses, self-publishers and independent authors.
Additional skills

  • Cover blurbs, synopses and catalogue copy.
  • Commissioning artwork and book covers.
  • Assessing the in-house 'slush' pile.
  • Evaluating entries for a literary prize.
  • Liaising directly with authors and illustrators.
  • Writing school and university textbooks for Hong Kong and Mainland China.
  • Marketing experience.