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'If you decide to self-publish you must honour your readers by assuming personal responsibility for the same professional duties performed by the best publishers. You're responsible for hiring professionals, to help you edit, revise and proofread your manuscript.' (Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords)

Self-publishing is increasing in popularity. The digital revolution now enables you to produce your own material in more inventive ways, and for very little financial outlay.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is crucial that your book stands out for the right reasons.

I have worked with many successful, self-published authors, and can help you to:

  • achieve your text’s full potential, turning it from a good idea into a good read.
  • ensure that your message is clear and easily understood, your narrative flows smoothly, and your plot and characterisation are plausible.
  • tidy up spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency, and remove any silly errors.
  • recognise where your work succeeds and where it could be improved.
  • strengthen your structure.
  • circumvent unnecessary and inadvertent criticism.
  • make your book more commercially viable.
Take a look at Editorial and Literary Services and see which particular service (or services) might assist your self-publishing project. Just ask if you're still unsure. I'm here to help.